Mexico Grand Prix

A bit of action at the Mexican Grand Prix, 1st practice

I managed to participate in something that is so totally un-ecological that even my friends were surprised. I spend my life speaking out against anyone who doesn't care about the environment, I write a weekly column in the local paper about ecology, I separate, recycle and compost absolutely everything I possibly can, and yet... I have to admit that I love Formula 1 motor racing. Naturally, I have to blame my two brothers who started me off on all this and here I am years later still enjoying it all. The reason I write about this is because I managed to get just one little ticket for the Friday of the Mexican Grand Prix, and witnessed the first 2 practices. All the photos here are mine. 

Our seats were on this contraption, it looked SO unsafe,
especially when everyone was doing the Mexican wave
and stamping their feet!!!!
It was a historic event as the GP has not been held in Mexico for over 20 years and so there was a huge amount of band waving and chest thumping about how Mexico is now back in the game and on the grid. A lot of this has to do with Carlos Slim, Mexico's richest man and owner of Telmex and Telcel. His companies have been sponsoring two F1 drivers for the last few seasons, the Mexican Sergio "Checo" Pérez and Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado. 
some poor cameraman
was up there all day!

A huge amount of money was poured into the redesign of the track, the construction of new stands and every other aspect that Formula 1 expects and insists have to be provided. I went with my goddaughter's boyfriend P - as enthusiastic a fan as me, if not more so - and despite not being there for the race we had a really great day. 

A more esthetically pleasing photo of our stand!
Our seats (the cheapest), if you can call them that, were on the first bend after the start, so we had a brilliant view of the cars roaring down, slamming on the brakes creating clouds of smelly smoke, and then lurching through the corners. 

Every time Checo went past everyone roared and as more and more people arrived in the stands then the roars got louder and louder. Not that he won on the day but everyone was rooting for him. He did come in the top 10, so he did well on his home turf.

Ferrari roaring past us
The cars are so beautiful when you see them in real life. The colours are far more vivid than you see them on TV, and Ferrari definitely win in terms of looking elegant and stunning. 

Valteri Bottas didn't look quite so stunning when he managed to brake
and slam into the fence in front of us, leaving behind a bit of his wing.

We had a great day despite the disgusting portaloos, the obligatory crap food, although I did manage to smuggle in a couple of tortas, but then felt guilty about eating them in front of everyone! We had sun, clouds, rain and wind and it was great fun. It was a shame we didn't have tickets for the Saturday and then the race on the Sunday but never mind, at least we managed to enjoy what we could of the event. I was not impressed when a client just the other day said to me that a patient of his had given him tickets for the Grand Prix and he hadn't used them, I nearly died! Oh well, next time...

till next year...


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