Easter Week 2016

the yellow flowers of the huayacán tree

It’s Easter week. Early this year, in March, and this week coincided with another national holiday in Mexico. Day off on Monday, work Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday and Good Friday off, so a strange week. Needless to say most people are taking the middle days off too so it’s a mega puente, as we call these occurrences here. In other words, people “bridge” the days together and take off the whole week. It's the busiest time of year for many tourist destinations, like Acapulco, for example, and the kids get two weeks off school. Everywhere is busy with people in shorts and bikinis, even in the supermarket.

I had a meeting yesterday in Mexico City. On our way back we went through the toll with loads of other vehicles heading towards Cuernavaca and we inched our way forward, not knowing what was holding us up. It turned out to be just a dead body lying on the side of the road… This when we are all shocked by the more than 30 people blown up by suicide bombers in Brussels this week. It served as a grisly reminder of how people die here in Mexico every single day, and only their families mourn them… Our reality is different from Europe’s; we may not have suicide bombers but we do have plenty of murders.

a primavera tree with dark pink flowers,
in front of our office in Cuernavaca
But life continues, the life cycle in evidence everywhere with glorious colours brightening up the streets and countryside; spring is here. The primavera trees give us different shades of pink, from the palest tone to the deepest pink possible. There also yellow primaveras, better known as the huayacán tree. We also have jacarandas that are full of blue/purple flowers, dotted all around Cuernavaca. There used to be a whole load more along the motorway in north Cuernavaca but with the amplification of the motorway then thousands of trees were hacked down, including many jacarandas, total ecocide... Outrageous. Anyway, as lovely as the trees are the allergies are even worse. And for the last 5 years or so I have been suffering allergies to these trees, the pollen of course. This year has been particularly bad and as much as I love these trees I am beginning to dread them every spring.

We had a really cold spell just a week or so ago, and it rained for about 3 days, heavily and unexpectedly. That knocked the pink blossoms off the primaveras but the jacarandas seemed to like it and so are full of flowers right now. Later, we shall have tabachines, lluvias de oro, and other trees that are incredibly beautiful.  In my garden, I have many different colours of bougainvillea and they are stunning. I also have amaryllis and the pond water is warming up in the sunshine so the water lilies are beginning to flower again. It’s a really beautiful time of year.  Happy Easter!

water lily in my pond
just one of the bougainvillea which are blooming
brilliantly right now


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