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I write about ants and my garden as it takes my mind off the politics and the US election. 

I saw a friend yesterday who has just returned to Mexico after 8 years living in Switzerland. She is glad to be home, she had too much of the order and controlled emotions that characterise the Swiss. Well, she’s back in the maelstrom of Mexico City with all that that implies. There is no question that the Mexico of today is quite different from the Mexico of 8 years ago. 

For starters, we have a different president. EPN has been in power for 4 years now, he is the least popular president in Mexican history, our economy is stagnating. His latest faux pas was to invite the deplorable Trump to Mexico for a visit and a chat about the bloody wall. No one knew until the day he was to come and the country practically went into meltdown, so appalling was the idea of Trump shaking the hand of our president after repeatedly calling all Mexicans rapists and murderers, amongst other things. Politicians, political commentators, journalists from all over the world, the public in general, ranted and raved against this meeting on social media, particularly on Twitter. 

Not only that, but the idea of building a wall to separate the two countries, to stop all the sex craved and murderous Mexicans invading the USA. Not only that, but he is insisting that Mexico pay for the construction of this stupid wall. On that basis alone, how could EPN invite this ignorant git to this country. He came, he squirmed, he controlled himself and then flew back to Arizona to say everything he didn’t say while here, because he's such a coward, that Mexico and Mexicans suck. And that wall WILL be built and WILL be paid for by us. To save a bit of face, not much at all, the finance minister was booted out since he was credited with the idea. Unbelievable. Fortunately, though, a new finance secretary was appointed and he is a very bright guy indeed. Can he put us on the right track for the next 2 years? Can the economy come back? It's probably just not possible now, but he will try. 

Imagine: a 2,000 mile wall stretching from the Pacific to the Gulf of México. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. And walls are never high enough to impede people. People will go over them, through them, under them… It’s just political rhetoric which a certain sector of the American public loves to hear, precisely those people who Trump despises, who he would never help and who he would ignore once in the White House. Can he make it to the White House? It’s very possible, and quite terrifying to think about, not just for us but for the whole world.

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There are already walls in a few places as, for example, between Tijuana and San Diego and it's quite colorful, with graffiti and statement art. Obviously the US border control spends billions trying to stop the latin americans coming up and over the border. They know what it is to be persistent too, they just keep coming. There have been terrible stories of suffering, abuse, dying of thirst, ridiculous payments, murder and everything else. Just imagine how much worse it would get if the 2,000 mile wall were to be built. Of course it won't, but it's making everyone feel very uncomfortable right now. Trump is a truly hated figure in this country. And for very good reason. 


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